Swick Genealogy

*** genealogy resources for the Swick surname ***


Welcome to the home page for historical information on the Swick surname.  This genealogy site was created to document progress into the past and current Swick family tree.

The mission of the Swick Genealogy Site is to provide a

consolidated effort for tracing the roots of the descendants of Johannes Swick (b. 1705, Erlenbach, Germany). It represents the work of many Swick 'cousins' who are located in various locations across the U.S. We are researching many different areas, locations and time periods -- as we discover new information, this site will be updated to document our results.


None of the information contained on this site can be used for profit of any kind (books, professional genealogists, professional sites, etc.) without explicit permission.

Also, if this site loads too slowly on your computer (e.g. over a modem connection), the old “Swick Super Web” can be referenced here.

*** Pictures on this page are from the Swick farm in Shannon county, SD.


Hello, cousin!

Historically, Swicks have been involved in the farming industry. As you may have noticed by the name of this site (The Barn of Swick), this is a light-hearted name for the site and in no way is meant to offend anyone related to "The House of Swick" book. If I have, I apologize.

Another historical fact also noted in the censuses, is that no Swick has ever had slaves.